PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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ConferencesWe offer keynote speaking and seminar services for conferences and company meetings. We distinguish our services by creating customized interactive experiences that generate meaningful dialogue among attendees around key themes and shared working experiences. 

Using PassionWorks! at your conference is fun but also progresses work. Guaranteed! People won’t feel their precious time wasted.

Prior to your event we meet with key stakeholders to explore meeting objectives, current environment, issues and opportunities.  We use this information to create specific examples and activities that encourage participants to speak about creating meaning and progress in your organization.

We can also work with topics and issues raised on-the-spot. Our years of experience enable us to respond to your needs as they surface.

Client Testimonial

Janet Libbey, Executive Director at Mothercraft had this to say about our recent key note presentation: "I wish you could be here to hear the positive, passionate comments about your presentation at our AGM! I think you struck a chord with everyone in the audience - and did it with such humour! You kept everyone there, engaged, right to the last minute. Our staff have been quite charged and actively thinking about where they are on your PassionWorks Model!"

View David Jones speaking about PassionWorks!:


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