PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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Our TV Interviews

Watch an interview with Dave Jones, Author of "PassionWorks! Your Guide to Passion In The Modern Workplace." on the Business News Network Program, Workopolis TV.

Our Published Articles

Dave Jones Pumped Up The Passion at the 2011 Renfrew Legal Clinic AGM. Read an article about it from the Renfrew Mercury Newspaper here

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Please see article Enhancing Passion at Our Workplace, published by PSA in Singapore!

Dare to Dream in the Non Profit Sector - learn how to keep your passion growing despite the persistent obstacles you face!

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Passion beats Recession! Read the article to find out how it can for you too.

Learn the keys to Motivating People Read our article published in Sales & Service Excellence magazine's January issue on page 5!

Learn how to "Turn Low Performers into Passionate Performers". Read our article in the December Issue of Talent Management Magazine.

"Passion Turns Up The Heat On Productivity". Read the article by Linda Motalbano, Vice President of our Toronto Canada Affiliate Graff Retail, that's featured in "Garden Motorcar Lifestyle Magazine."

We are featured in an article posted at Career titled "Warning Signs of Slumping Morale at Work." Read the article here.

We are featured in the recent issue of "Best Practices in HR". Click here to read the article titled "Humanizing Layoffs and Aftermath Lessens Guilt, Resentment for Survivors".

Read Jacqueline Throop-Robinson's article at HR.COM entitled "Leaders Need Passionate Teams, Especially in Tough Times". Read the article here.

"Learning to be passionate about your work" - PassionWorks! is the subject of a feature article at This article originally ran in Training and Coaching Today Magazine. Read the full article here

"Three steps to stress relief" - An article that ran in Human Capital Management Magazine shows the link between PassionWorks! and effective stress management. See page 25 of the Nov/Dec 07 issue for the full article.

Some Interesting Research

A study by Right Management in the UK indicates that Irish Managers believe their employees are highly engaged, while the employees report that they are highly disengaged and planning on quitting their organization. When Employees hear about our PassionWorks Programs they always say"Wow could we ever use that where I work"... and yet many Managers and HR professionals in the same organizations are less enthusiastic. It's time to face reality - most employees aren't engaged and they don't think anything is going to change where they are. HR and Management need to learn how to authentically engage their people - NOW.

A global workforce study by Towers Perrin shows that only 23 per cent of Canadian workers feel fully engaged in their jobs, while almost a third are disenchanted or disengaged. That's a lot of wasted potential. When people work with PassionFlow they are fully committed and engaged and they produce significant results. What's the state of PassionFlow in your organization? Our Organizational Diagnostic Tool can help you make an accurate assessment and a positive impact. 23% isn't enough - not by a long shot.  

"Stress not money is the leading cause of turnover" An article in The Globe and Mail Newspaper, based on research by Watson and Wyatt, indicates that Obsessive and Rushing behaviours are leading more employees to experience physical, mental and emotional stress at work. This stress is the leading indicator of emloyee lack of productivity and their number one reason for leaving their place of employment. Our research, tools and workshops help people to stop their Obsessive and Coasting behaviours and replace them with attitudes and actions that support PassionFlow™. Check out the full article.

An article from posted on CNN titled "Are you obsessed with your job" is worth a read. Our research tells us that Passion at work often leads to Obsession - but it doesn't have to! We help people who are in PassionFlow™ stay there and not fall victim to the obsession temptation.


"Fully engaged employees produce three times more return on investment than the average employee" - according to a recent Watson and Wyatt study.

"70% of new hires in every age group report satisfaction with their jobs in the first three months. This figure drops to 54% after one year." - according to Sirota Survey Intelligence